Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Failings You Wish Your Lover Would Fix

Japanese on goo site quizzed about what deficiencies they wish their girlfriends and boyfriends would put some effort into fixing…

The ranking for women, by men:

    1. She becomes emotional when angry

    2. She’s a negative thinker

    3. She’s loose with her time

    4. Her room is dirty

    5. She’s rash in certain respects

    6. Her use of money

    7. She has a great many likes and dislikes

    8. She can be restrictive

    9. Her use of language

    10. Her fashion sense

The ranking for men, by women:

    1. His table manners

    2. He’s rash in certain respects

    3. He becomes emotional when angry

    4. His fashion sense

    5. His use of money

    6. His room is dirty

    7. He’s a negative thinker

    8. He’s loose with his time

    9. He has a great many likes and dislikes

    10. He grumbles about things

Possibly as informative as what heads each list is what respondents were least bothered about – what does not bother men with respect to their female partners:

    22. She’s tight with money

    23. She’s overly influenced by fads and fashions

    24. She stays at home all the time

    25. She tosses about whilst sleeping

    26. She doesn’t talk much

    27. She forgets anniversaries

And women with respect to their male partners:

    22. His sense of cleanliness is overly strong

    23. He’s overly influenced by fads and fashions

    24. He talks about others of his sex a lot

    25. He’s overly enthusiastic about some celebrity

    26. He’s quick to cry

    27. His cooking ability

In summary, it would seem women need to maintain a cool head whilst perhaps giving their strange fixation with anniversaries a rest, whilst men need to eat with their mouths closed and leave the cooking to trained professionals (or, this being Japan, women).


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