Sunday, June 5, 2011

10 Reasons You Didn’t Buy The 3DS

Nintendo’s much trumpeted 3DS increasingly has a Virtual Boy air about it, with buzz and sales having subsided rather too quickly for comfort – Japanese asked why it is they haven’t bothered buying it explain why in this survey.

Although concerns about price and satisfaction with existing consoles are the main issues and look likely to subside with time, that two of the top 4 concerns are related to the effects of its screen can hardly be promising.

The ranking (multiple choice format):

1. It’s too expensive/You’re waiting for the price to drop (100%)

2. You’re happy with the DS/DSi (60.6%)

3. You’re worried about the burden on your eyes (41.2%)

4. The screen looks as if it may cause sickness (39.4%)

5. There was hardly any launch soft (24.6%)

6. You’ll buy it when the games you want come out (18.5%)

7. You’re happy with your phone or smartphone (11.1%)

8. You’re happy with your PSP (10.8%)

9. The battery looks too weak (8%)

10. It’s heavy and you don’t want the hassle of lugging it around (7.1%)



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