Thursday, August 25, 2011

9 Hobbies Which Will Turn Any Man Off A Girl

From Sugoren.com, there is a list of 9 hobbies which will purportedly cause any right thinking male to get rid of any woman so deviant as to pursue them. It is currently the subject of much attention online – boys love, online gaming, visual-kei and, of course, anime figures, all seem to be regarded as shortcuts to spinsterhood… here are the lists:

1. She loves Korean dramas so much and she makes regular trips to Korea
“I’d wonder if she sees anything good in Japanese men!” – man in his 20s
2. She loves collecting bishonen or bishoujo anime figures
“It’d be pretty freaky if she had those figures in her room” – man in his 20s
3. She loves reading “boys love” Yaoi novels and manga
“I’d be frightened of her imagining me in those kind of Boys Love situations…” – teenage man
4. She is glued to her PC playing online games
“I have the impression these kinds of people spend all their holidays isolated in their dirty little rooms” – man in his 20s
5. She has a hobby of constantly observing other in public
“I’d be a bit doubtful of a girl who made a hobby of watching other people” – man in his 20s
6. She is an idol or visual-kei groupie
“If a girl I liked was into idols, I’d feel insecure as there is no way I could match up” – teenage man
7. She likes making engineering level modifications of cars and bikes
“That’s just something men do, right?” – man in his 20s
8. She likes boxing and karate and other martial arts
“If she got angry she might beat you senseless!” – man in his 30s
9. She is a gambler, into pachinko and horse racing
“It suggests a rather dubious economic outlook, and is not something you’d want your girlfriend to be doing” – man in his20s

If the list iscan be trsusted, about the only safe things for women to like are might be cooking and Hello Kitty – though not too much in either case.


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