Saturday, August 27, 2011

Which Actors Fit the Role of a Young Doctor??

Yuhuu... i am back with another poll by Goo rankings! This time, users were asked to choose the actors they felt would best fit the role of a young doctor. You guys can already guess who get in the first place right? And the answer is after the jump.....

Below are the top ten:

Sakurai Sho => 7,373 votes
Mukai Osamu => 3,598 votes
Tsumabuki Satoshi => 1,453
Miura Haruma => 1,403 votes
Ninomiya Kazunari => 1,188 votes
Oguri Shun => 955 votes
Others => 870 votes
Ikuta Toma => 771 votes
Ito Atsushi => 758 votes
Okada Masaki => 662 votes


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