Monday, September 3, 2012

5 Creepiest Phone Wallpapers

Japanese women asked on cobs.jp site what they think the most undesirable things to see serving as mobile phone wallpaper display. None-too surprising to seeing any “childish” anime characters featuring, and the creepy narcissists object were considered more undesirable.

Here are the results of the survey, with the comments of the ladies questioned:
Q: Please indicate the wallpapers likely to worsen your impression of someone?
1. A picture of themselves – 20.7%
“Anyone who did that must be a creepy narcissist.”
“Why would anyone do this?”
“Frighteningly narcissistic.”
2. An anime character – 16.9%
“Maybe an anime character would be OK, but one from a shoujo manga would be gross!”
“A character from a minor title would creep me out…”
“It’s just childish.”
3. Their lover – 9.9%
“You feel they are showing off.”
“Impossible if it were me.”
4. A celebrity – 8.6%
“It depends on the person, but an idol would absolutely make me recoil.”
“Gravure would certainly be gross.”
“Come back to reality.”
5. Their husband or wife – 7.4%
“Anyone but their kids would be icky.”
“I’d look upon this rather coldly.”
“A little gross.”



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