Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ruining a movie date in Japan

Between the 2nd and 5th of May 2013 goo Ranking asked their users about what behaviours by their date at the movies would ruin the mood. With a total 1,088 members completed a private internet-based questionnaire, here are the result.

What behaviours by their date at the movies would ruin the mood?

1 Noisily chewing gum during the movie
2 Fiddling with their mobile phone during the movie
3 Forgetting to set their mobile to manner mode and having it ring during the movie
4 Loudly snoring during the movie
5 Repeatedly engaging me in conversation during the movie
6 Putting their feet up on the seat before, during the movie
7 Telling me their predictions of the plot twists at expository scenes
8 Crunching popcorn during emotional scenes
9= Sleeping all the way through the movie
9= Slurping their drinks during the movie
11 Slagging off the movie afterwards
12 Though I want to watch the movie, they whisper sweet nothings all through the movie
13 Going to the toilet just at the climactic scene
14 Bursting out laughing and otherwise over-reacting during the movie
15 Fidgeting and adjusting their pose all the way through the movie
16 Concentrating on the movie only during the love scenes
17 Giving a cliched impression of the movie afterwards
18 Bawling out loud during the movie
19= Suddenly grabbing my hand during the movie
19= Not booking a seat ahead of time for a popular movie


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