Saturday, July 21, 2012

25 Signs You Are Definitely an Otaku

Anime otaku on BIGLOBE Aniwe site are inviting their possible brethren to see just how badly they place on this ranking of the most pernicious signs someone has progressed to the level of otaku…

Here are the ranking (which specifies only “otaku” or “ota” but is obviously chiefly referring to anime otaku) gathered from 5172 of votes:

1. You only listen to anime songs now
2. You have no interest in 3D
3. You just can’t stop listening to seiyuu voices
4. You go to Animate [the store chain]
5. You gladly pour all your passion, money and time into otaku pursuits
6. The posters in your room? All anime
7. You instantly pronounce the most hard to comprehend anime titles correctly
8. You’ve got all the character profiles memorised, all of them…
9. You sit around fantasising all the time about you know what
10. If the talk turns to your favourite anime you can no longer control yourself
11. You actually check seiyuu blogs
12. You even admit you are an otaku
13. You’re amassing doujinshi
14. You’ve been listening to anime web radio shows
15. You attend anime and seiyuu events
16. Nobody wants anything to do with you! 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
17. You could not possibly live on without anime in your life
18. You buy anime dakimakura covers
19. You’re sure to buy up all volumes of the DVD and original work
20. Other people even call you “otaku”
21. You make use of the word “moe”
22. You have played love sims at some point
23. You actually got all the references in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
24. You become exceedingly busy in the run up to certain summer and winter festivals
25. You call Chitanda Eru “Erutaso”

Biglobe via sankaku


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