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Top 10 most memorable Shounen Jump! manga

 For a few decades now, Weekly Shounen Jump! has entertained quite a few generations of readers, not only from Japan but also the entire world.


A Japanese TV show on Fuji TV named Shōgeki! Sansedai hikaku TV Generation tengoku Bangumi kihon jōhō has recently ranked the ten best Shounen Jump! manga according to the number of impactful or memorable scenes that readers from three different age groups can recall.

The three different age groups were termed the “Banana generation” (readers in their 50s or 60s), “Kiwi generation” (30s or 40s), and “Mango generation” (10s or 20s).

We have absolutely no clue as to what the deal is with the fruit-based naming convention… But what the heck, this is the country that turned raw fish into a famous delicacy all around the world. I’m sure they have their reasons.

Here are their results for the 10 best mangas according to readers from the “banana” generation

10 The Circuit WOlf
9 Cat’s Eye
8 Play Ball
7 Mazinger Z
6 Dr. Slump
5 Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daisho
4 Samurai Giants
3 Kochira Katsushika – ku Kameari-Koen Mae Hashutsujo
2 Dokonjou Gaeru
1 Harenchi Gakuen

One of Jump!’s most popular mangas of all time only ranked in at 3rd as Kochira Katsushika gets beaten by a series which was considered waaaaaaaaaay ahead of its time. Harenchi Gakuen or Shameless School won the top spot among the older generation of manga readers for the reason that it started something which is now a trend these days.

This manga is by Go Nagai and is considered by many as the very first hentai manga even if it contained no sex scenes. This was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump! and raised a few eyebrows with its ecchi content which was highly considered as not for kids at that time. Compared to the ecchi series these days however…

Next, we take a look at the “Kiwi” Generation which gave us a whole lot of awesome shounen manga which have stuck with me since childhood

10 Yu Yu Hakusho
9 Capricious Orange Road
8 Jojo’s Bizaare Adventure
7 High School! Kimengumi
6 Captain Tsubasa
5 City Hunter
4 Fist of the North Star
3 Slam Dunk
2 Kinnikuman
1 Dragon Ball

Wow! Dragon Ball took first place for this generation, that is soooooo surprising. Well, Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece has always been considered one of the greatest manga of all time and is also loved by the younger generations.

These manga have greatly influenced the childhoods of many people, including mine so it comes to no surprise as these mangas have made it to this list.

Finally, we go to the current generation of Shounen Jump! mangas. Called the “mango” generation by the show, here are the results:

10 Prince of Tennis
9 Kuroko no Basket
8 Gintama
7 Yu-Gi-Oh!
6 Hikaru no Go
5 Bleach
4 Toriko
3 Naruto
2 Hunter X Hunter
1 One Piece

Even though Hunter X Hunter has been on hiatus for more than a year now, the manga nevertheless managed to obtain the #2 spot when pitted against other top contenders like Naruto and Bleach. The manga which gained the #1 spot is not very surprising as One Piece has sold millions of copies constantly and taking in the #1 spot in manga sales for the first half of 2013.

Here is a summary of the results.

So? What do you think of these results? Are there any mangas from Jump! that should be on this list?
Sure, some of you may disagree with the show’s results, but for me as a fan, this sure brings back a lot of memories as a kid.


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