Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 10 Slice of Life Anime

Slice of Life anime has been trending for a few years now with titles that rakes popularity among Otakus all across the globe. Today a ranking has been announced by Big Globe Poll for  a list of which among the batch stands out the most from 1,019 of votes.

As usual most of the series that you see here are done by KyoAni, it's like the factory of Slice of Life titles. For full ranking here is the sauce.
  1. Nichijou
  2. K-ON!
  3. Danshikousei no Nichijou
  4. Acchi Kocchi
  5. Lucky Star
  6. Working!!
  7. Yuruyuri
  8. Minami-ke
  9. Hidamari Sketch
  10. Ore no Imouto

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