Sunday, December 4, 2011

10 guitarist that can be a representative for Japan


In the Japanese music industry, there are handful of guitarist who are extremely talented and full of aura on the stage. Amongst these people, there can only one person who can represent the guitarist of Japan.

With this fact in mind, goo decided to ask its users, “Which guitarist do you think can be a representative for Japan?

Let’s see who the Japanese citizens picked as their representative below!
1. Matsumoto Takahiro
2. Hotei Tomoyasu
3. Char
4. hide
5. Nomura Yoshio
6. Oshio Kotaro
7. Naraji Kaori
8. Haruhata Michiya
9. Abe Futoshi
10. Takasaki Akira
Source: goo Ranking


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