Monday, October 3, 2011

Which female celebrities have a refreshing smile?

It is said that having a “refreshing” personality is a short-cut through the competitive industry of entertainment. Previously, goo ranking asked it users, “What is considered to be “refreshing” on a woman?” The most popular answer was “A Smile that Never Expires” and brought attention how a smile can be so important to others.

To further investigate this survey, goo Ranking recently asked, “Which female celebrities have a refreshing smile?

See who came out on top below!

1. Ayase Haruka
2. Ashida Mana
3. Miyazaki Aoi
4. Aragaki Yui
5. Eikura Nana
6. Igawa Haruka
7. Yuuka
8. Others
9. Nagasawa Masami
10. Aoi Yu


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