Sunday, October 2, 2011

Which celebrity looks the best in glasses?

Japanese organizations affiliated with eyeglasses established October 1st as “Glasses Day”, because of the date lineup (10 01). For the past few years, eyeglasses have served to be more than equipment for vision correction, and is known to be an important fashion item for both celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

Oricon recently conducted a poll asking its users which celebrity looks the best in glasses. For the male category, actor Yashima Norito came in first, making this his second year in a row. Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Angela Aki topped the female category, making a comeback as she took first back in 2008.

Check out the full ranking below!
01. Yashima Norito
02. Ogiyahagi
03. Miyagawa Daisuke
04. Mukai Osamu
05. Tamori
06. Fukuyama Masaharu
07. Fujimori Shingo
08. Pei Yong Jun
09. Tokoro George
10. Moriyama Mirai
01. Angela Aki
02. Mitsuura Yasuko
03. Kitagawa Keiko
04. Becky
05. Aoi Yu
06. Manabe Kaori
07. Takagi Miho
08. Nakama Yukie
09. Aragaki Yui
10. Shibata Rie
Source: Oricon


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