Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Which young actress gets along well with children?

As a young woman, you either get along with children or are rather annoyed by them, and when you happen to be an actress working together with children, even those gifted with incredible acting skills can’t hide a slightly awkward atmosphere that might be present on the set.

Actress Nagasawa Masami, for example, has been working together with various children for a lot of “Calpis” commercials, with the most recent one showing how the children and her make some refreshing shaved ice. The commercials never felt awkward, making her one positive example. Normal children are often used in commercials, but there are also a couple of professional child actors who brighten up a story or turn dramas and movies into real tearjerkers.

Which of the young actresses seem to get along really well with such children and which do not?
goo/NTT DoCoMo asked their members, and here are the results!

Which young actress gets along well with children?

01 – Ueto Aya (6,081)

02 – Ayase Haruka (4,469)

03 – Inoue Mao (2,021)

04 – Kitano Kii (1,756)

05 – Ueno Juri (1,514)

06 – Nagasawa Masami (1,426)

07 – Mizukawa Asami (1,271)

08 – Miyazaki Aoi (1,215)

09 – Aragaki Yui (769)

10 – Kanjiya Shihori (501)


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